Sunday, March 23, 2014

Need a speed, brothah?

assalam, peace be upon you..

its has been a longggggg time since im was busy with my study.. well, am not that actual busy. just being and likely to be busy as much as others.. 

its not my first year to be that geek.... to be that so call a book worm type of much as i love reading but ya not right now.... the time is actually already come to its end.... am not a kid anymore so why not enjoy your last breath while making some hilarious and catchy activities with your "GANG KARAS" .... well not enough to call it a gang.. but frankly quality dosent count by its quantity, am right?... 3 of my hilarious friends are actually quite enough for me to stay and act young and crazy... :P booyahhh! hhahaha.. kan??

motif wat mulut gitu?? haghu2... XP

its has been a while that am not going watch any movies through GSC... am just another lazy arse person who love to watch the one kind that used to be called as "pirate"... lay out my bum bum on the bed, and watching it with cokes and double cheese burger, pretend like am was in the front of the big screen... puii~ only 10 inches actually....

ok apa yang aku merepek ni?.... ftw!

kisahnya aku pigi hang out ngan member tengok citer Need For Speed.. dah berabad tak pi wayang. kawan ajak.. aku p jak lah kan..

shelby munstang....

cerita aksi yang sangat mantap. nampak real, and quite suspen.. tempat penggambaran yang damnnnn!! sgt sgt sgt sgt wishing right now that one day i can have a chance to go there.. its just so unfair only watching it on tv... soo not cool not to be there for real.. hehehehe... and you know what?? YOU SHOULD GO BUY SOME TICKETS AND WATCH IT ON 3D..!! worth it, i promise you~ 

review selanjutnya..... hampa patut p tengok sendiri.. ceq bagi high-rated untuk ini action movie. 

they tried to introduce some new actors.. satu pun tak kenai dowhh~

p/s - you should watch it, betey~~ :P

ok tu je kot... chou!

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